Board of Directors/Contacts

Voluntary Board of Directors
Community Lay Director Shelly Hanover 309-826-6336
Weekend Events, Sponsor’s Hour, Candlelight Hilary Pacha
Weekend Events, Set-up/Clean-up Kyle Boward 309-826-1457
Weekend Events, Set-up/Clean-up Robin Shelton 309-242-2091
Weekend Technology Kevin Gordon 309-533-2191
Set-up/Clean-up Jeremy Pinkerton 309-838-7074
Supplies Monica Terven 309-533-8409
Lincoln Liaison Rusty Bledsoe 309-838-0950
Logan Liaison Debby Paulin 309-319-0055
Team Selection & Training Donna Able 309-242-7792
Newsletter Shelly Hanover 309-826-6336
Fourth Day Meetings Terry Pitzer 309-310-2128
Gatherings Jenny Lutrell 217-781-2036
Musician Jill Grey 217-781-2036
Agape Kate Mueninghoff 309-287-8779
Database Darren Plattner 309-828-5326
Treasurer Sheila Melzer 309-532-1466
Spiritual Director Wayne Gierman 309-824-9143
Communications Angie O’Neall 309-830-1218
Registrar Sandy Theile 309-530-4880
Prayer Vigil & Meal Server Sign-Up Angie Croft 309-824-5507