Our Current Board of Directors:

Community Lay Director Rob Wall 309-826-7630
Weekend Events Cara McMorris 309-826-3325
Weekend Events Monica Terven 309-533-8409
Weekend Events Jonathan Thompson 309-261-9950
Weekend Events Peggy Kennedy 309-531-3518
Set-up/Clean-up Joe Landon 309-827-6960
Set-up/Clean-up Bruce Tucker 309-825-6702
Set-up/Clean-up Jim Gonsalves 309-660-4299
Set-up/Clean-up Scott Dunt 309-824-1523
Set-up/Clean-up Robin Shelton 309-242-2091
Supplies Linda Williams 309-648-8677
Supplies Kaye Schroeder 309-826-9502
Supplies Rhonda Jenkins 309-452-9534
Supplies Poonam McAllister 815-674-1679
Lincoln Liaison Rusty Bledsoe 309-838-0950
Logan Liaison Michelle Giermann 309-310-5615
Team Selection & Training Aaron Shane 309-531-8863
Newsletter Shelly Hanover 309-826-6336
Fourth Day Meetings Terry Pitzer 309-310-2128
Gatherings Amanda Cryer 309-310-9042
Gatherings Julie Anderson 309-212-7274
Musician Phil Reginelli 309-838-6908
Agape Gail Sigler 309-830-3620
Database Darren Plattner 309-828-5326
Treasurer Sheila Melzer 309-532-1466
Spiritual Director Dan Jassman 309-287-3242
Website Donna Able 309-242-7792
Registrar Karen Layten Cell: 309-261-3556
    Church 309-828-7554
Prayer Vigil & Meal Server Sign-Up Liz Walsh 708-369-8783


Contacting Us Via Email

Whenever you email us, always be sure to tell us who you are (we know that He knows your name but we have a lot of candidates for!) and how to contact you if we need to (email or USPS mail address and/or phone number). We will do our best to respond as quick as possible but give us 72 hours, please. We are usually much quicker in the weeks leading up to a banquet.

Contacting Us Via USPS (Snail Mail)
Our community has its own Post Office Box in Bloomington, Illinois. Our address is:

B/N Great Banquet
P.O. Box 707
Bloomington, IL 61702-0707

When you mail us, always be sure to tell us who you are and your return USPS mail address. We will do our best to respond as quick as possible but, since this requires a trip to the Post Office, it isn’t checked frequently except in the weeks leading up to a banquet.