Updated Guest List & More

One of our guests (Jason DamKoehler) had to cancel …

Below is our current list of 10 guests

We still need Meal Servers for the following times:

Saturday, Lunch (arrive at 12:00 pm)
Sunday, Lunch (arrive at 11:30 am)

And we have the following open prayer vigil times:

Sunday, early morning  2:00-3:00 am
Sunday, early morning 3:00-4:00 am

Sign-up under the “get involved” tab


Roocco Badenhorst / Victor Palomino

Tom Brander / Kerry Packer

Don Burcham / Julie White

Trent Davis / Scott Riddle

Alan McLaughlin / Marty & Kathleen Thornton

Ernest Mitchell / Randy Williams

Ryan Wilson / Phil Rodrick & Dale & Karen Layten

Bryce Ladage / Brad Ladage

Tom Krieger / Kevin & Tracy Bromley

Jeff Poling / Terri Drolinger